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Elevated H&H during Testosterone Replacement

53yo M with hypogonadism on testosterone IM injection 100mg every 2 weeks. He intermittently has secondary polycythemia with max Hct/Hgb as high as 18.7/ 55.2. I have referred him to Endo & Heme but while referring I always stop his testosterone so that by the time he sees them his H&H are normal and they recommend restarting the testosterone. What is the recommended threshold for H&H for patients on testosterone? At what level do you absolutely stop in this situation?

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  • Testimonials
    MAVEN Project is an invaluable resource for the NP residents for both point of care consulting and mentorship. The attention to patient care and the timeliness of access has been instrumental for positive patient outcomes and furthers the well- rounded education of our residents and new providers. With increased barriers to specialty care access, MAVEN Project physician volunteers have become an integral member of the care team.
    Beth Weitensteiner, DO, FAWM, FAAFP
    International Community Health Services, WA
  • Testimonials
    I have consulted with hematologists for abnormal labs, dermatologists for abnormal skin lesions and rashes, and cardiologists for abnormal ECGs, as well as many other specialists. Most of my patients have limited financial resources, and access to specialty care has been limited due to the COVID pandemic. Being able to consult with a specialist electronically through MAVEN Project has helped me provide patient care in an efficient, robust, and very cost-effective way.
    Bill Hoskyn, DNP, ARNP
    International Community Health Services, WA
  • Testimonials
    I so appreciate all the kindness that every MAVEN Project consulting physician has shown. It helps build up confidence in this brand-new provider!
    Anonymous Provider
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